Thursday, October 21, 2010

Meat Boy

So Super Meat Boy has been released on Xbox Live Arcade, but not PC. That made me mad, so I decided to play the original Meat Boy online. It's still fun as ever, and now I'm less mad.

For those not in the know, Meatboy is this ultra simple platformer. You play a tender chunk of meat named Meat Boy who's trying to rescue the love of his life, a clump of bandages named Bandage Girl. You see, she was taken away by this evil flying baby in a machine that's in a tuxedo and bowler hat named Dr. Fetus.
The entire intro cutscene rahh here, brah.
To save Bandage Girl, you'll have to go to hell and back running over crumbling platforms, dodging buzz saws, and jumping over saltfalls (which are waterfalls but with salt). You'll need your brain and super quick reflexes cause this game is hard.
It's not as painful as it looks.
The strange thing is, despite all the deaths, the game is amazingly, ultra fun. It's like when I'm playing the game, I forget about the 27 deaths it took me to get to the end of a level. I only remember the badass wall jump (cause it truly was badass) I had to make between the saltfalls to get that bandage all while I'm dodging homing missiles. It just feels good.

The music isn't good though. It's upbeat and modern, but it's really boring and didn't add to the atmosphere in any way. In fact, it takes away from the entrancing gameplay. I recommend turning off the music and putting your own on.

Anyway, if you're fortunate enough to have an Xbox 360, get Super Meat Boy now, and tell me what you think. If not, here's a link to the original, and you can wait impatiently with me.
I wanna punch all you Xbox owners.
Meat Boy:

Super Meat Boy:


  1. meat boy > world > a common shit > god hates fag + faggology

  2. Totally just downloaded this game

  3. This game looks funny lol
    I'll check it out when I have time :D

  4. lol whats the name of the guy in the tie?

  5. I edited the post. Can't believe I didn't put his name in. It's actually a baby in a machine that's wearing the tuxedo and bowler hat. His name is Dr. Fetus.

  6. Hate those links that take you to another page, always accidentally click them. Good stuff though, I'll be back.

  7. wow lovin it.. all thanks to a meat boy!

  8. Looks great. going to get it on my Xbox :P

  9. limbo is also a very good indie game available for download

  10. So good, had heaps of fun.
    Nice blog.

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