Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Super Crate (X-)Box

I've been pretty busy with school projects (OMGWTFFINALS), but in between my coding binges, I'm totally blowing shit up in Super Crate Box.
Totally going on a banana tear.

The flow and feel of the game is similar the original Mario Bros. Not the platformers with Yoshi or mushrooms. The arcade version with the "Pow!" box and the angry crabs. The difference is that this is single player only (although multplayer would easily put this in my top 5 games of all time) but more importantly, we totally get to go nuts on the green monster things with a diverse arsenal of weapons.
Looks the same, right?

See, the focus of the game is on these weapons. The point system isn't based on how many things you kill or how long you survive. Instead, it's based on how many crate boxes you pick up. A new crate box spawns at a randomized location on the map whenever you pick one up, and within these boxes is the weapon you get and use till you get to the next box. In Super Crate Box, there is no weapon of choice because you have no choice.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Personal projects always seem more interesting and much more fun when actual work/school project due dates get closer. I had a couple of drinks last night in anticipation of a ton of homework, but instead I worked on Taco Smash for a couple of hours.

So far, the main menu looks pretty sweet. The "Options" option actually doesn't do anything yet, but it will soon. As for additions since the last update, I added "Tommy", which is the sand castle building kid, and "Mommy" which is the evil witch oppressor. Senor Liberator has been granted the patent pending taco smash ability.

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

SNWD #3: Return of The Happy Buffet

What a great day. I woke up after the nicest dream that I've had in a while -- quite possibly ever. In the dream, my friends and I were at the beach, we when we were about to leave, one of them picked up someone's shoe and we started playing catch with it. Everyone was laughing and smiling and the sun was out.

Then I woke up, and the day before, it had been raining throughout the day, so I was pretty excited to look out the window and check out the sky with huge, clean white, puffy clouds, and yup, great sky today.

Later on, in the afternoon, my whole family gathered at my cousin's house to celebrate her 21st birthday. No drinking or anything. Instead, we got together, nostalgia'd and laughed over pansit, tri-tip, and WingStop. My god that was amazing.

But during all of this, my blog came up, and it turns out, people really look forward to new posts, so yeah, I'm back with renewed blogging fervor.

And to my buddy that wanted MOAR GAMEZ, check these out. Still involves tons of jumping though. Will find less jumping games and will be posting reviews of these games soon.

Super Crate Box: