Saturday, January 22, 2011

SNWD #4: Space Funeral

So there's this guy, right. He calls himself thecatamites. This guy's a fucking magician. Srrsly. He made this game called Space Funeral using RPGMaker2003. Now this should set off alarm bells and stuff cause RPGMaker is founded on templates. Templates that build standard, tried, tired, formulaic JRPGs, but this is where thecatamites's magic powers come into play cause right from the main menu screen, he's already playing around with your expectations and assumptions of what JRPGs are.

And then you select "Blood," and you're tossed into a game world drawn in MS Paint with some awesome, fuzzy Japanese noise rock, and you notice that your character is always crying, and your dad's tossing you out of the house, but before you leave, listen to your JRPG instincts. Check out that chest looking thing off to the right.

Download Link for those that missed it the first time:

I wish thecatamites had a blog or something that I could link. He's too indie for that though. He just pops up every now and then with a new game release and disappears again. Doo's a fucking magician I tell ya.


  1. This blog ain't indie enough. I think you need to switch to tumblr.

  2. This is what Sara K. did/though at 0217hrs. on Sunday Feb. 27th:

    1) Open Bry's blag.
    2) "Oh shit, I never finished. That was fun."
    3) "Fuhh. Windows. Wait! Something called Wine. I like Wine."
    4) Download Space Funeral and Wine.
    5) "What the fuck do I do now?"