Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Super Crate (X-)Box

I've been pretty busy with school projects (OMGWTFFINALS), but in between my coding binges, I'm totally blowing shit up in Super Crate Box.
Totally going on a banana tear.

The flow and feel of the game is similar the original Mario Bros. Not the platformers with Yoshi or mushrooms. The arcade version with the "Pow!" box and the angry crabs. The difference is that this is single player only (although multplayer would easily put this in my top 5 games of all time) but more importantly, we totally get to go nuts on the green monster things with a diverse arsenal of weapons.
Looks the same, right?

See, the focus of the game is on these weapons. The point system isn't based on how many things you kill or how long you survive. Instead, it's based on how many crate boxes you pick up. A new crate box spawns at a randomized location on the map whenever you pick one up, and within these boxes is the weapon you get and use till you get to the next box. In Super Crate Box, there is no weapon of choice because you have no choice.

This places a unique restriction on the player, but allows for some of the most flexible gameplay I've ever had the pleasure of experiencing. The game shifts gears everytime a crate is picked up.  Each weapon requires a different approach, and a different strategy depending on the situation.

The mini-gun has a wide spread with an extremely fast rate of fire that allows the player to completely mow down any oncoming army, BUT the insane recoil forces you to remain stationary when firing.  Mines decimate everything within its blast radius, BUT you're gonna have to leap frog your way out of trouble while it arms itself. And then you end up with the katana, and well, you're fucked.
I am the chicken, and I am clucked.

So yeah, give it a shot, and show the awesome indie game developers of Vlambeer some support.

Super Crate Box:


In other news, my cousin came back from visiting her boyfriend in Colorado, and for some reason, she took home his Xbox 360, and even more surprising she let me have it. I'm not one to ask questions or anything, so yeah, I'll be putting up reviews of Xbox 360 games pretty soon (since I'm totally getting Super Meat Boy, Limbo, and the Scott Pilgrim game pretty soon).


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  2. I like the old school approach for this game. Collecting boxes to defeat the game :)

  3. Woot! None of my cousins ever did that.

  4. Cool looking platform game. The option of using all those weapons is a neat feature. Also, have fun with your new Xbox 360.

  5. Now that looks like a game I could spend an hour or 14 on.

  6. Haha niiiice, another classic. Imma check this out :)

  7. Bookmarked the title and will be checking it out later. Thanks for the recommendation.

    I'd also really like to get your take on Scott Pilgrim. I will very likely be working on it here pretty soon and would be interested in your second opinion.

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